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Care & Storage Instructions

Thanks for being interested in DEMETRA - Bold & Sophisticated Jewelry. 
Here are some tips on how you should store and clean your new treasurers.
Whenever possible, jewelry should be stored in its own bag. Metals like silver, silver finish, copper and brass are sensitive to light and humidity. This will make the tarnish appear faster.
If your piece has multiple strands of wire, it should be stored flat or hanging. In most cases the wire will crimp and the smoothness will be lost. 
If you chose to hang your pieces, please remember that they will stretch and you will have more space between the beads.
First option should always be a jewelry cloth.  A little rubbing goes a long way even on piece a piece that is beginning to tarnish.
Many finishes need particular cleaners. Always start with the least aggressive.
If the cleaner that you are using is abrasive at all, it may damage the finish.  Go gently.
 Always use cleaners that appropriate for the materials . If your piece has mixed materials, try to find a cleaner that is appropriate for all or clean them separately. 
Keep your old tooth brushes and run them through the dishwasher, they come in handy for jewelry cleaning.
Here are some cleaning suggestions:
Silver finish and Sterling Silver: 
Wright's silver cream is great for silver, silver plate, stainless and chrome. Follow directions. It can also be applied in tight places with a tooth brush.  If the tarnish very stubborn, try   Tarn-X. It is stronger and works well as long as the directions are followed.
Semi-precious stones, Gold and Bronze finish:  
Hagerty jewel cleaner is a great mild cleaner for gold finishes and some stones. Follow the directions.
Brass and Copper finish:
Parker & Bailey Brass & Copper polish.   Brass and copper can be very stubborn, so don't wait too long to clean them. Multiple applications may be required.
Cinnabar, Bone & Wood beads:
A jewelry cloth or a very minimally damp cloth.
Aluminum and Plated Aluminum
A jewelry cloth or a very minimally damp cloth.
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