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About Jo Demetra

jo-pic-profile.jpgMy Intention is......

To empower women in their beauty and to support them in their next bold move.


My name is Jo Demetra and I create jewelry that empowers women.

I would like to thank you for stopping by to learn a bit about my jewelry. After spending 30 years in the fashion industry - I needed to rekindle my creative juices and give it some purpose beyond just creating ‘pretty things’. I know that might seem strange when you are working in a creative field, but as my responsibilities increased, the creative time decreased. As exciting as the fashion industry can be (and I truly loved it for years), it takes a toll on the perception women have about their beauty and how directly related it is to their self- worth. That was something heavy in my heart.

Time for a change:

Well, the new life shift started about 12 years ago when I was in the midst of doing the “Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron with several other women - I needed to have the fire in my belly again. I was still working as a designer for Avon, but my creative and spiritual being was getting crushed. The thought kept coming to me “I want to create beauty and help women.”   I wasn’t quite sure what this would look like.

The Discovery:

While doing the Artist’s Way course, you are encouraged to do things that you usually wouldn’t do, so I went to a flea market and found a gentleman that was selling beads. .. All types of beads. We talked about where they came from, how they were made and the history of the antique beads. I fell in love (with the beads that is. No! He wasn’t my type). I came home and went online to see what I needed to start creating. The following week, I went back for more beads...then started finding bead stores, shopping in antique stores and going online. As I started to create with these beads, I saw the power of intention that they had and the sense of beauty, worth and freedom wearing these pieces hold. They give the ability to be noticed without a word.

The more I studied about beads and beading, the more I realized, I was creating ‘empowerment accessories’ for women. The jewelry is textural, bold, exotic and sophisticated. Jewelry that supports the spiritual and personal intentions along with and growth of the wearer. I want women to be noticed and recognized for their worth and beauty

A business is born

With this realization, DEMETRA Bold and Sophisticated Jewelry was officially born. My intention is..

To empower women in their beauty and to support them in their next bold move.

I think of the jewelry as ‘empowerment tools’. Jewelry can support intentions or evoke emotions. I create pieces that send a message. The design and combination of the beads are bold and sophisticated. The energy of the stones can support an intention. The colors send a message to support and compliment your own person energy centers, the chakras. Many times, the pieces that you like are really what you need.. they speak to you. The stones have an energy and intention all their own. They support particular chakras and are akin to elements in nature. For example ‘amethyst” is said to support purification, encourage Divine connection and release of addictions. Its natural element is air or wind and it supports the third eye (3rd chakra), crown (1st). It is a stone that supports spiritual strength and intuition. The color is purple which a color of royalty is.

The beads also ‘speak’ to me... maybe it is the natural beauty, or how a lovely piece of jade was carved. Each bead has its own message. I was fortunate enough to still be working in an industry in which I traveled to exotic places… which also had great beads.   Many of the pieces I create reflect some amazing markets, such as the Jade Market in Hong Kong. You will love the artfully themed collections such as the Asian Collection that include cinnabar, jade and Chinese silver, or Gifts from the Sea that have piece of sponge coral, mother of pearl, bamboo coral and freshwater pearls. And there’s the Petite Collection that is designed for the woman who needs a more demure piece, but still has the same sense of style and purposeful message. The collections are always changing and this is just to name a few.

Special attention:

Don’t know what would look best on you? Can’t decide? Aren’t clear on the message that you want to send out? You can have a private virtual consult with me. With supportive and intuitive coaching, I combined my Fashion Feng Shui training; experience and training in the fashion industry and my own spiritual practices to help you break through perceptions of yourself that hold you back and don’t express your true nature.

So, are you ready to be noticed when you walk in a room? To have jewelry than can help you feel that you are enough? I would love to support you in your personal expression. It is your Divine right to claim who you are and what you have been given… and claim your beauty and worth!